Original Bled Cream Cake

Original Bled Cream Cakes @ Hotel Park Restavracija Rikli
A must if you’re visiting Bled!
Before entering the cafe you are welcomed with the specialties history which reads “There is only one true original- it was created in the Park Hotel Restaurant in 1953, when pastry chef Jstiran Lukacevic gave it the image we still know today. The famous Bled dessert is a perfect harmony of delicious vanilla cream and whipped cream in crunchy puff pastry. The original recipe is kept at the Park Cafe confectionery where 300,000 original cream cakes are produced yearly”.
The cake did live up to it’s expectations, however be sure to visit on an empty stomach as the generously sliced cake can be a little overwhelming after a few spoonfuls. In addition to your cake you’ll also get a free side of spectacular views of the lake!


Not feeling hungry? Try the white hot chocolate!


Pizzeria Rustica

We all like a good pizza, This place was amazing! We ate hear twice in the 4 days. We even got it delivered. The food was cheap and tasty.The Pizzas are freshly prepared, with fresh ingredients. I highly recommend this restaurant with it’s great decor, it’s perfect place to eat after a great day around the lake, rain or shine (or snow!).
pizza rustica

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